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Latitude 52° 22' 34.9788" N
Longitude 8° 20' 47.1156" W
Inscription Legible No
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Surname Martin
Exact Wording Of Epitaph

Gloria in Excelsis Deo
by Johanna Martin
in memory of her husband
Michael Martin who depd
this life the 12 April 1837
aged 66 years also their
two daughters Bridget &
Mary the first depd the 15th.
march 1837 aged 34 the
lated depd 5th. Feb 1843
aged 35 may they rest
in peace Amen

Gravestone Entry
Name Surname Day Month Year Age Relationship With First Person
Johanna Martin
Michael Martin 12th April 1837 66 Husband
Bridget Martin 15th March 1837 34 Daughter
Mary Martin 5th February 1843 35 Daughter
Number of People Commemorated 4
Memorial Type Headstone